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Adventure Bound Pvt. Ltd. would heartily like to welcome you in this small, beautiful and the most amazing country--Nepal. This landlocked realm, located between China and India owns high Himalayas, exotic wildlife, artistic monuments, unbeatable natural beauties and much more, these all have made this country a unique and centre of attraction for millions of tourists every year from around the world. Within a short distance you can see the plain area of 100 meters to the height of 8848 meters.

Nepal is the home of the eight highest mountains out of 14 (above 8,000 m) in the world which includes Mt. Everest and over 1,300 peaks above 6,000 meters. These all are towing above the populated valleys and forested plains, where there are the habitats of the lordly tigers and trundling one-horned rhinoceros. You will find enchants everywhere, at any part of the country, whether you are in the high Himalayas, hills or in the plain lands. The farmland meticulously carved like stairways, the green forest with birds and wildlife, running rivers chirping, all these have made this country a Shangri-La on the earth. Nepal is the best destination not only for the mountain lovers alone but for every one of them who wish to discover the natural diversity, variety of culture, flora and fauna among others, primarily through thrilling activities namely, trekking and tour, mountaineering, wildlife safari, rafting and many other adventurous activities. Therefore the world’s renowned travel writers have well-admired this country in recognition of its cultural, lingual, natural richness and penned down with a number titles, like living cultural museum, roof of the world, birthplace of the apostle of peace, country of living goddess, a tiny country of over one hundred ethnic ground, a country of non-stop festivals among others and more. These are the explicit and self-explanatory tales of this country.

The innocent and kind hearted people of Nepal that you meet in every village welcome you with ‘Namaste’ greeting you for better tour and the temples and the ‘Mane’ that you walk by the trial will always bless you with good luck. It is always better to walk keeping the ‘Mane’ or temple on your right while walking through it. Come join us to experience the lifetime adventure and feel cultural diversity that lies within a small area of beautiful country Nepal !!

Recommended Outdoor Activities

Trekking in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal

Everest Trekking or trekking in the Everest region, located in the north-east in the country

Cultural Tour in Nepal

Tours in Nepal

Nepal is a rich country in term of culture and it has been one of the popular destinations for cultural tour...

Jungle Safari in Nepal

Jungle Safari in Nepal

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Peak Climbing in Nepal

Peak Climbing in Nepal

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Suggested Itineraries

Ghorepani Poonhill Trekking

Ghorepani Poonhill Trekking - 08 Days

Ghorepani Poonhill trekking also known as Annapurna balcony trekking is located in Annapurna region is of the most demanded and popular trekking trails.

Everest Base Camp Kala Pattar Trek

Everest Base Camp Kala Pattar Trek - 13 Days

The path of Kala Patter from Everest Base Camp climbs up the grassy ridge above Gorak Shep toward the small mountain of Kala Patter which sits across from Everest and has the most spectacular views of the mountain.